Have you ever wanted to learn about hover boards, the power of the human lung, or how to play music with PVC pipe?

Then don’t miss the first ever Science on Saturday (SOS) event taking place from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday, April 21, in the Stephenville High School gym.

The free event — sponsored by the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) and Texas A&M University — is open to the public and will featured more than 22 student-led (SISD and Tarleton State University) experiments for all ages.

“NPI was looking to expand their reach to schools in the area within close proximity to nuclear power plants — like the one in Glen Rose — and so this year they picked us and Dublin for their programs,” said SHS physics and AP/Dual physics teacher Brian Salge.

Through NPI’s program SISD science students have had the opportunity to see what professions are available to them.

“We’ve gone on college tours and industry visits throughout the course of the year and so many opportunities came out of these programs (funded) by NPI and Texas A&M for high school kids that maybe weren’t interested and now they are and have a better idea of what they want to pursue,” Salge said. “We need technical degrees too and a lot of boys and girls in my group don’t know that they want to do a four-year degree, but a two-year is an option and there’s so much you can do with a technical degree.”

SHS’ POWER SET for women and WIT: Workforce in Training; and Henderson Junior High organizations, BRT: Boys Resourcing Technology and Power GRID: Girls Responding to Industry Demands will all take part in creating and performing the experiments at SOS.

“We’ve also got many organizations from Tarleton that are STEM-related that are going to be at this to do all sorts of experiments with the kids as well,” said said SHS science department chair and teacher Kathleen Huckabee. “This will be a come-and-go event and it’s two hours of science fun in our gym and behind it. We have some things like rocket launching that we can't have inside the gym.

“I’m excited that the younger kids can be with the older kids who are passionate about science and they can see how much fun science can be. We want them to come to (high school) excited and ready to dive in, so this is just an opportunity for us to reach out a little bit.”

For more information email Huckabee at kathleen.huckabee@sville.us or Salge at brian.salge@sville.us.