Stephenville musician Jon Young sat down with the E-T and Texas Home Grown Radio’s Jody Lee Caudle Monday for a new weekly segment that supports local artists — Home Grown Artist of the Week.

With the release of his 2017 album, “Relic,” Young has been traveling across the state to perform.

“It’s been going well. We’re staying busy and just stay out on the road and right now we are No. 53 on TR3 charts and No. 42 on CDX Traction (Texas) so that’s really cool and that’s (the song) ‘Rebel and Relics,’” Young said. “We’re going to release another single here pretty quick.”

Caudle added, “You’ve been playing further out, but I think that’s important that we have so much good talent and everybody goes out and spreads the word about Stephenville and Erath County and how much talent is here.”

Jon Young Jams was a popular weekly open mic night held at Legends Country Club and after the release of his new album, it came to an end.

“At the time we had run it so hard and it has kind of just run its course,” Young said. “It was bittersweet when I stopped doing that but it just had to happen. It was the right time.”

Now, Young is bringing back his Jon Young Jams starting May 9 at Twisted J Live.

“There was such a love for the music community and people would come out every week,” Young said. “It was amazing the people who would listen and the audience was great. There’s definitely a need for it and open mic is one of those things that if you can run it correctly, the artists appreciate it. They love the chance to play for their peers.”

Young said there are a lot of talented songwriters in Erath County.

“There’s definitely a scene here and they’re a whole different breed. They’re very dedicated in what they are doing and it’s awesome,” Young said. “We have some great music coming out of Stephenville.”

Young is working on a new album and his passion for music is inspiring.

“It’s therapy in a lot of ways. When I write songs I write them to express things that I can’t usually say — feelings and ideas,” Young said. “There’s a high to it when you put yourself in front of an audience, but I enjoy the therapy of just sitting down and writing a song. It’s a good outlet to get some frustrations out and my feelings come out in my music.”