1. What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the City Council?

I currently serve on the city council. My fellow councilmen elected me as Stephenville’s representative to North Central Texas Council of Governments. I served on Stephenville’s Library Board and was an alternate on the Board of Adjustment.

I taught for 39 years and was often selected by my principal or peers to serve in leadership roles. I served as president of the ATPE in two different districts. The last years of my career I taught in a 5A district. I served as history department chair, and was responsible for that department’s budget. I served for several years on the District Educational Improvement Committee participating in decision making on issues at the district level. I also participated in many hiring committees. Throughout my career, I wrote and received many grants. In 2008 I was selected “Teacher of the Year”.

I am currently president of Cross Timbers Republican Women. I previously served as secretary of that group and as secretary of the Earth County Republican Party. I served as president and secretary of the Erath County Genealogical Society. I also serve on the board of the Stephenville Historical Museum.

I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Tarleton and 45 post-graduate hours.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?

The biggest challenge facing the city is having unlimited needs but limited funds. Infrastructure is an urgent need. The council has to prioritize because we can not burden our taxpayers with continuously escalating tax bills. The last three years we have implemented a street pavement plan that strategically addresses streets. We have increased spending on streets from $107,000 in 2009-10 to an average of $975,000 a year the last three years. We plan on instituting similar plans for sewer and water. We’ve applied for loan forgiveness from the Texas Water Board the last two years and will continue to pursue funding for sewer improvements. We are seeking information on Trump’s infrastructure funding. Our city administrators’ participation in Dave Ramsey executive training will allow implementation of conservative fiscal principles ensuring the most cost efficient government possible.

The council also needs to address quality of life issues by making improvements to park facilities and the senior center. We are investigating additional sources of money and alternatives to get the best deal for Stephenville taxpayers.

Another challenge is attracting businesses to Stephenville. We have to put Stephenville on their radar which Julie Crouch Smith and Ashleigh Feuerbacher will accomplish with enthusiastic marketing!

3. Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

I have kept my promise to be fiscally conservative with your tax dollars. My re-election will keep a conservative majority on the council and maintain the council’s positive momentum.

I personally addressed two issues. The railroad sought approval to close crossings on McNeill and Belknap. I publicly objected to basically closing two streets. The issue was dropped. Another issue was with an engineering firm that completed a $700,000 project nine months late. I asked that in the future we include a liquidated damage clause in all contracts to ensure completion of projects in a timely manner.

The council is reflective of the community’s conservative fiscal and social values. Cities throughout this state are rewriting history with the removal of historic statues. My family first settled in Stephenville in 1874. I am proud of our history and will always attempt to protect our shared heritage.

I am willing to ask questions and speak out on your behalf. I have been your voice and will continue to be your voice. This council is asking questions, limiting the use of consultants and endless studies, and making progress on infrastructure improvements. I would like to continue to be part of that forward progress.