Kyra is a young pitbull mix up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society and loves being around people.

“Her only fault is that she wants to be with people too much,” ECHS Executive Director Diane McCoy said with a laugh. “She never wants you to stop petting her. She’s very people-driven.”

Kyra came to the shelter in November and was pregnant.

“We put her in a foster home just before she had the puppies,” McCoy said. “She delivered 11 puppies right after Christmas and was such a great mom to them.”

Kyra is kennel trained and rarely fusses or barks.

“She’s very good natured and it’s her turn to catch a break,” McCoy said.

For more information about Kyra and other pets of the humane society call 254-965-3247 or visit during hours of operation.