Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

One of the things that I like to do is look back ten years and see what Morgan Mill was doing.  I came across two names; Timothy Parker’s graduation from Stephenville High School and Kacey Frazier running on the Morgan Mill track team.  Timothy is now at North Texas University working on his Doctorate Degree in chemistry and Kacey will be moving to Houston soon to pursue a law degree specializing in criminal law. 

You can see Kacey at the Purple Goat most times.  In reading about the track meet in 2008, Morgan Mill Coach Kerry Schindler said that they had had an eventful season since they had been snowed out twice.  In 2008, Roscoe Davis was busy cooking breakfast at the Community Center on the second Saturday. 

Ten years later, because of breakfast, there still has not been a fundraiser to support the Community Center. Remember Breakfast will be Saturday, April 14, 2018.  It is still a great place to eat and meet your neighbors and a few Stephenville folks, too. Starting at 6:30 until 9, all of the eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes that you can eat. 

The Stephenville Native and Heirloom Plant Fair held on the Museum Grounds is also Saturday, April 14.  In 2008, Joanne Ball and Gene Williams were members of the Board.  Now, Ken Stokes and Barbara McKnight will be representing Morgan Mill in the new Naturalist and Gardener’s groups.  This is an event you do not want to miss.  Hopefully the wind will not be blowing that day. 

Returning to 2008, the entertainment at Community Supper was Charlotte Mayall, Jimmy Walker, and Joe Bass.  Their hometown songs were always enjoyed.  This Community Supper on Thursday, April 19th will be “Celebrate Dollies”.  Suzanne Thompson will honor our crochet heritage through family stories and photos.  After seeing her art work of antique, crochet inspired works, you will want to dig in your closets for grandma’s dollies.  Bring a pot luck dish and come enjoy with your fellow Morgan Millites at 6:30. 

Looking ahead to May is the annual Cemetery Working day on Saturday, May 14, at noon. Ten years ago, the Morgan Mill Arts and Crafts Association gave the funds to replace the boards on the MM Tabernacle.  Volunteers Eugene Adams, Earl Burns, Jim Herbertson, Ken Broeder, John Sandstrom, and Gary Key spent a day replacing the diagonal boards and trim with cypress wood that Lonnie Goolsby was instrumental in getting. 

Several of the overhead fans were replaced also.  From Gene Williams’ book, the history of the tabernacle stated that Jay Larner, Bruce Larner’s father; Sam King and Percy Hancock hauled lumber by wagon from Stephenville and donated the lumber for the tabernacle in 1910.  Ray Earp remembered his father, Harve Earp, hauling lumber for the tabernacle. 

George Perry, a local carpenter, was the overseer of the project.  Construction of the tabernacle was a community effort accomplished by the contribution of money, materials and labor from many people.  The tabernacle is the oldest structure, other than a residence, in Morgan Mill.  The deed to the tabernacle specified that uses of the tabernacle were to be religious, educational and other meetings as the trustees may approve.

The three churches in Morgan Mill own the tabernacle. In 1993 a historical maker was obtained from the Texas Historical Commission with the help of Mrs. Jeri Evans.