Russell D. Holt devoted his life to the practice of medicine and was centrally involved in the establishment of the vocational nurse training in Texas. He founded the Texas League of Vocational Nurses and was the principal figure in the passing of licensing nursing law in Texas. Holt started a hospital in Meridian before he passed away in 1959.

In his honor, a scholarship has been created in his name to provide assistance to students entering the vocational nursing program at the Ranger College Erath County campus. The scholarship was handed out by Holt’s daughter Judith Holt McNeill Monday afternoon to Shelby Young of Lingleville in a presentation at the RC campus.

“This really means a lot to me,” said Young. “I have always wanted to go to nursing school and with having a one-year and two-year-old at home this will really help. It will help keep me in school.”

Recipients must have expressed a definite intent to enroll in Ranger College’s LVN program. Special preference will be given to students residing in Bosque and Erath counties.    

The scholarship is given in three disbursements for a total of $10,000.

Ranger is currently taking applications for 2019 scholarship. 

If a student is interested please contact Alice Murphy at