Each year Stephenville ISD holds an art exhibit to feature the works of students in the district, but this year things changed when the amount of work got too big and was split into two shows — elementary art and secondary art.

The elementary campuses had their work on display from March 21-April 4 and the secondary campuses will have their work on display from April 10-20 in Bond Auditorium.

“There are roughly 2,000 student artists in our school district and each of them will have art on display,” said Gilbert Intermediate art teacher Liz Meiron.

Each exhibit features an artist reception and the secondary show’s will take place from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, April 12.

“Students invite their families for cookies and punch to show off all the hard work they’ve put into their art projects,” Meiron said. “There is a lot of community support and many of the school’s administrators are present.”

Chamberlin elementary has 528 students and each one presented a piece for display with a QR code attached that links an interview with each artist.

“Art is extremely important to incorporate into the elementary curriculum. It increases fine motor and critical thinking skills in addition to providing stress release and enjoyment for students,” said Chamberlin art teacher Laura Priddy. “Research has been conducted to prove that well-rounded students who have been involved in fine arts — art, music, theatre, dance — classes during their formative education advance to have extremely successful careers later on in life.”

Henderson Junior High will have 120 students enter work for the show.

“I always want my students to work for quality not quantity. It doesn’t matter if you do 50 projects if they are all shallow and average,” said HJH art teacher Misti Schulz. “Students need to be allowed to dig deep to find their inner creative self and find their love for art. This takes time and my students have worked very hard this year to create quality pieces with detail and love.”

Ribbons are awarded to first, second and third place in each grade and category. There are also awards for Honorable Mention and Best of Show.

“Students get the opportunity to see what their peers are creating as well and what they can look forward to creating in their future art endeavors,” Meiron said. “As an art teacher I love getting to meet the families as well as meet some of my future art students. The exhibit is also a great way to measure the vertical alignment our district’s visual arts department offers our students.”