Stephenville High School UIL students received a total of 457 points at the regional meet, coming in second behind Glen Rose High School with 462 points.

Here’s a look at how SHS students placed.

Julian Smith, first place computer applications; Katie Campbell, first place copy editing; Case Pack, first place current events; Sid Davis, first place current events team; Macie Kilgore, first place feature writing; Mariana Rios, first place literary criticism; Tatum Brinkley, first place poetry; Kyla Carter, first place ready writing; Mitch Deckard, first place social studies; social studies team, first place; and literary criticism team, first place.

Gaitlin Couch, Carys Hooper and Yojana Veliz, second place accounting team; computer science team, second place; Chrysann Whitworth, second place copy editing; Mitch Deckard, second place current events; Rebecca Tuggle, second place feature writing; journalism team, second place; Cooper Vandenberg, second place prose; Taryn Gibbs, second place science; and speech team, second place.

Christian Brown, third place computer science; Rebecca Tuggle, third place editorial writing; Victoria Permann, third place literary criticism; Rebecca Tuggle, third place news writing; Katie Campbell, third place ready writing; Lauren Beaty, third place science; and Brady Tuggle, third place social studies.

Cade Dunavant, fourth place accounting; Chrysann Whitworth, fourth place headline writing; Mariana Rios, fourth place science; Allee Mainord, fifth place computer applications; Kacen Groves, fifth place computer science; Abigail Quirl, fifth place copy editing; Leah Dowell, fifth place current events; Macie Kilgore, fifth place headline writing; Kelvin Ong, fifth place news writing; Molly Orr, fifth place prose; Victor Lumbreras, fifth place science; Kyla Carter, fifth place social studies; Rebecca Tuggle, sixth place headline writing; Haylie Clemmer, sixth place literary criticism; Kelvin Ong, sixth place; Leah Dowell, sixth place; and Riley McKinzie, sixth place prose.