Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The April student of the month is first grader, Llario Elizalde.  His thing about school is “helping my teacher.” He likes to read “because it helps me.”  His pets include a cat, dog, cows, and a horse.  His job at home is to “help his pets when they get sick.” I asked Llario what he does when he gets home and he said, “help my mom.” 

Like me, I think you have picked up on Llario’s great characteristic of “helping others.”  He thinks Morgan Mill is “a very fun place.”  He makes 100’s or 99’s on both his math and reading assignments.  He is looking forward to Easter because he likes to hide eggs and find candy, but he does not eat the bunny ears first.  His first grade class is making Easter bunnies now; he plans to give the bunny to mom and dad.  He will be playing with his one brother and three sisters this summer.  Llario is on the A/B honor roll and has perfect attendance this six weeks.  Proud mom and dad are Llario and Delia. Congratulations to a very likable and helpful kid. 

Community Supper is Thursday, April 5, at 6:30.  Playing bunco proved to be entertaining so we will again play bunco. The three winners last time had never played before so it proves that you do not need experience.  Bring your favorite pot luck dish and come have fun with your neighbors.

Your volunteer fire department had their annual meeting last week and they reported an ending balance of $120,016.  Gary Key and John Sandstrom were voted on the Board.  A revised Constitution and By-Laws were passed by the voting members.  One of the things that the new By-Laws described was “voting members”.  Any property owner or resident in the Morgan Mill VFD response area is eligible to self-nominate for election as a new Voting member.  Chris Elston was named as the new MMVFD Fire Chief. 

Chris has been fighting fires in MM since he was about 16 as well as at Stephenville and Erath.  We in Morgan Mill are very fortunate to have someone of his experience and character to assume a job that is growing every year.  Ken Broeder took Chris’ place as Assistant Chief.  Ken was our chief a few years ago before he stepped down to get some heart repairs made.  After spending about 40 years fighting fires in Houston and Klein, we are so happy that Ken was willing to help his community.  Both Chris and Ken’s wives were also volunteer firefighters. 

Our thanks go out to retiring Chief Randy Wright for stepping in to take the Chief’s job several years ago when Ken was forced to step down.   He oversaw the purchase and building of our 3 largest trucks and incorporated important changes in safety and operations.  Randy will now have time to spend with his fire-related charitable4 activities in Fort Worth and around the country.