Stephenville resident Arlene Holland has found a new calling as an author.

Holland’s first book, Sunshower, was published earlier this year by, and residents will get a chance to purchase a copy when she hosts a book signing from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Thursday at the Erath County Courthouse.

“This is something I have always wanted to do,” Holland said. “During my freshman year of high school my teacher, Mrs. Cotton, told me I had a natural talent for writing and that’s something I have never forgotten. I always had this story in my head so when my kids grew up and I retired I decided to start writing it.”

Sunshower is a 512-page fictional story that chronicles the life of a man who has everything - a family and business - but loses it all to drugs.

“The story is also about how his drug use affects the people he loves,” Holland said.

Holland, who worked as a corrections officer and Erath County Jail administrator before she retired, said she learned the book would be published on New Year’s Eve.

“When they sent me my copy and I saw my name on the cover I thought, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is happening,’” she said.

The book was edited by Stephenville resident Jennifer Muncey, who worked with Holland on the finishing touches for 10 months.

“We would meet at her house to work on it,” Holland said. “I am so grateful to Jennifer. She is wonderful.”

The book even spent six weeks on BookLocker’s best-seller list.  

Stephenville resident Debra Miller read the novel and published this review: “Holland’s four main characters take us on an adventure where we experience a variety of emotions such as hope, love, disappointment, confusion, fear and forgiveness…We get to walk in the shoes of these well-developed characters as their lives cross paths and their relationships become intertwined. Twenty-five years serving as a correctional officer allows the author to open our eyes to a terrifying world in which many of us are unfamiliar. You will not want to put this book down. I am hoping for a sequel to this amazing novel.”  

Sunshower can be purchased online at Amazon, and

They can also be purchased for $25 during Holland’s book signing tomorrow. Cash and checks will only be accepted. 

Holland is currently working on a sequel to Sunshower.

“I told my husband (Jay) that I have enough stories in my head to last a lifetime,” she said.