The first Stephenville ISD bond public information meeting, led by Superintendent Matt Underwood, was held at Gilbert Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon.

Underwood discussed renovations, additions and the estimated tax impact followed by questions and a tour of the school.

For safety and security at Gilbert, the plans are to enclose the corridor that runs outside to the gym and school building addition to connect the buildings, renovate and add restrooms for teachers and visitors, renovate the physical education dressing room and added fire sprinkler systems.

“One of the biggest things we’ve done this year is we moved the playground to the other side of the creek so it’s closer to the school, fenced it all in and tore down all the trees that were near the road,” Gilbert principal Mary Laigle said.

Sgt. Sha King who is running for a place on the SISD board of trustees expressed concerns about safety and security with their being two doors that will still open to the outside from the gym at Gilbert.

Laigle explained that when children are in the gym and using those doors to go outside, there are teachers present and when no one is using the gym the garage-style doors are closed.

If the bond is approved in May, the estimated maximum tax impact will be 10.8 cents for a total rate of $1.3429 — $9 per month with a taxable home valued at $100,000.

“Stephenville ISD property taxes for citizens 65 and older will not be affected by the bond election as long as a homestead and over 65 exemption application have been filed with the local appraisal district,” states the SISD website bond page.

The next public information meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, at Stephenville High School where most of the renovations are set to take place.