Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

It is almost time for Easter. It is time to make your plans for one of the two sunrise services in Morgan Mill. These two traditions are always different and sometimes the sun makes its appearance.

The Methodists will be traveling to John and Sandy Sandstrom’s home on CR 156 (3.2 miles from the MM Community Center) at 7 a.m. Breakfast items will be provided.  The Baptists will travel to Arlin and Bobbie Quarles’ home. The church van will leave from the church parking lot at 6:15.  Breakfast items will be provided.  Easter is celebrated by a variety of activities in MM. 

The Methodists start with a Maunday Thursday event with song and Communion Service at 7 p.m. Their Good Friday Service will be at the Bluff Dale Methodist Church at 7 p.m. Morgan Mill Baptist Church will start their Easter Services on Good Friday at 8:30 p.m. with Candlelight Service. 

The Church of Christ will be having their regular services at the regular times.   There is a place for everyone in Morgan Mill on Easter.

Ben Laughlin was one of the earliest pioneers to settle in the Morgan Mill area, moving here in 1874.  He was a farmer and cattleman most of his life.  Later, he operated a small hammer mill near his house where he would grind corn into meal.  Benjamin Franklin Laughlin (1856-1940) married Sarah A. Williams (1856-1903).  They had eight children.  B. F. Laughlin was also County Commissioner of Erath County and his story appeared in the History of Texas published in 1896. 

One of his sons, Virgil Laughlin (1887-1945) married Mary Orlena Underwood (1890-1960).  They had seven children.  Their last child, Jerry J. (Jakie) will always be remembered for his fundraising for Morgan Mill’s fire department and Community Center.  His two children, Kenneth and Brenda , are active members of Morgan Mill Community.  Ben Laughlin Jr. (1893-1940) married Dollie L. Earp (19893-1984).  Ben was a cattle buyer and trader all of his life.  They were parents of nine children. 

John C. Logan and Nancy King Logan’s story of lives are written in A History of Texas published in 1896.  The story tells of John leaving his wife to go to California soon after they were married in 1851.  His trip to California was by way of the Isthmus of Panama, an eighty-eight day trip.  

He was engaged in mining for eight years and then returned to Texas.  The summer of 1862 he enlisted in the Confederate army.  His company participated in the battles of Franklin and Nashville and he surrendered to General Sherman in North Carolina.  Soon afterwards, he returned to Texas.  Nancy Logan died at the age of fifty-two and she and John had ten children.  Upon coming to Texas, John purchased 265 acres that he cleared and cultivated. 

He sold this land in 1889 and established a drug store.  His oldest son, J.D. Logan served as minister of the Morgan Mill Methodist Church.  Another son, Dr. Malvern H. Logan was the local physician for Morgan Mill and Bluff Dale.  The article described John C. as “a man honorable in business, and his careful management, enterprise and perseverance have brought him prosperity.