Stephenville’s 281 Speedway by C&S Promotions is getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured on the “World’s Greatest!” television show produced by How2Media.

“About a month ago we got a phone call from World’s Greatest telling us a little about them and that they had been following us and talking to people about us,” said Heath Combs with C&S Promotions. “They called me about a week ago to tell us they had selected us as a ‘World’s Greatest Dirt Track,’ so we’re super stoked — especially because this is only our second year to promote the race track.”

281 Speedway is a one-quarter of a mile dirt track for stock car racing established in 1989. Combs and Joe Spillman recently took over managing and promoting the track.

“We wanted to make this track the best out there and we’ve really turned it around in the last year,” Combs said. “We bring in between 500 to 700 people on the weekends and we’re open every weekend — unless it rains — from March to August and then we have a few big shows in November and February.

Camera crews with How2Media will come to Stephenville in April to follow Combs and Spillman around and talk to racers, race crew members and fans along with shooting some B-roll footage.

“‘World’s Greatest!’ is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people and travel destinations that the world has to offer,” states the television show’s website.

This will be the show’s 12th season and the episode featuring 281 Speedway will air approximately 90 days after filming is complete.

“We think their story will be meaningful, fun and entertaining for our viewers,” Executive Producer Gordon Freeman said.