Eight individuals were arrested Wednesday night after a search warrant led investigators to the discovery of marijuana and guns located at a residence in the 800 block of N. Charlotte.

The investigation by the Region 6 Special Operations Group began after a traffic stop.

“A Stephenville PD officer made a traffic stop made earlier in the day that led to the arrest of Eric Robert Puryear, 25,” states a release from the Stephenville Police Department.

Puryear was arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

“This traffic stop and arrest started an investigation by Stephenville PD Narcotics investigators that resulted in a search warrant being issued for the residence,” the release states. “The service of the warrant resulted in the recovery of marijuana, four guns (one of which was stolen) and the arrest of eight people.”

The eight individuals arrested for possession of marijuana — more than four ounces, under five pounds — were Brionnetae Rumani Irving, 23; Anthony Terrell Laney, 22; Deon Deshay Daniels-Fuller, 23; Jalen Nathaniel Marrow, 23; Samuel Elmarvin Young, 28; Michael James Cole, 26; Samuel Deon Madison, 22; and Gabriel Simone Young, 23.

Only four of the individuals had bond information from the Erath County Jail, all set at $5,000.

These arrests were a group effort between concerned citizens, Stephenville Police Department officers and investigators, Erath County District Attorney’s Office and the Region 6 Special Operations Group.