Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Continuing with our Morgan Mill family histories, the next family in Gene William’s book, Harrah for Morgan Mill is the Larner family.  This family takes seven pages of Gene’s book, so obviously I am just going to touch on their importance in the Morgan Mill community. 

The first is Patrick Marion Larner (1841-1904).  He arrived in MM in 1875.  His father, William Larner came to north Texas with a group of families known as the Peters Colony in 1842.  Since Texas Independence Day was last week (March 2), I looked up Peters Colony and found that W. S. Peters and a group of American and British investors got a contract from the Republic of Texas to settle land between Dallas and the Red River. They brought in 435 people. 

Gene’s book continued to tell that since the Larners were from Carrollton, Illinois that there is a street in Carrollton named Larner in honor of William.  Deed records show that P.M. Larner purchased 110.8 acres for the price of $81.20.  This land is located north and east of the present school property. 

Patrick married Josephine A Spivey (1852-1932) and had thirteen children.  John Jay Larner (1874-1963) married Edith W. Earp (1879-1958).  He was both a farmer and grocery store owner.  They had three children.  Bruce D. Larner, John and Edith’s son, married Alphia M. Miller in 1941.  Alphia Larner was well known in Morgan Mill because she taught school here for 42 years.  Bruce was a farmer and had two children. 

George D. Larner (1882-1918) married Chloner M. Earp (1885-1977) owned property on the Sap Oak Road which is now the property of Larry Browning.  Roy H. Larner (1893-1977)  was a farmer and about 1926 he bought “Uncle Jink” Patteson’s store in Morgan Mill.  He was a merchant for twenty-five years and there is a picture of the store in Gene’s book.  Noel W. Larner (1894-1968) married Jewell Garner (1893-1964) and had three boys.  Brice Alexander (B. A.) (1919-1991) married Bernice Holder (1918-2017).   They had two girls.  Someday I will write a complete column on the influence of Bernice on Morgan Mill

This column is dedicated to Gene Williams (1932-2018).  He was born and reared on a farm homesteaded by his great-grandfather Edward A. Williams (1840-1922).   Gene was a fourth generation of Williams to live in Morgan Mill.  He attended school in Morgan Mill and after graduating from Stephenville High School, received a B. S. degree from Texas A & M University and a M. Ed. Degree from University of North Texas. 

After a career in teaching, he moved back to the family home place in Morgan Mill.  We will always remember his dedication to the Morgan Mill Cemetery and his wonderful book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill.