It’s going to be another 11 weeks before Erath County learns who its next county judge will be.

Alfonso Campos and Shelby Slawson received the most votes in Tuesday’s Republican Party Primary and will now move on to the May 22 runoff.

Campos received 37.63%, Slawson 35.72%, Jon Koonsman 13.14%, Heath Allen 9.88% and Jack Bragg 3.61%.

Those totals do not reflect votes in Dublin or Selden.

Slawson said Tuesday night that she is excited to make the runoff.

“We are so blessed here. With so many good people willing to serve as our next county judge, the choices were hard. It is an honor to move forward into a runoff and I look forward to more opportunities to discuss the future of our county,” said Slawson, a local attorney. “Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote. Thank you to the other candidates who stepped up because they, too, love this place and our people. Thank you to my family and all the volunteers working tirelessly for the campaign. We’re full steam ahead for the May 22 runoff.”

Campos was celebrating his victory with family and friends at Legend’s Country Club when returns came in. He said he was not surprised to enter a runoff with Slawson.

“It really doesn’t surprise me because I knew Shelby was running a strong campaign and kudos to her for that,” Campos said. “We also ran a strong campaign and plan to keep that up in the coming months. We are excited and looking forward to the next phase.”

Campos is currently the department head of pre-trial services for Erath County, a position he has held for the past five years.

Tab Thomson announced last year that he would not seek re-election after serving as county judge for the past 24 years.