Erath County Farm Bureau presented all 40 employees of United Cooperative Services (UCS) with gift cards to Hard 8 BBQ on Wednesday February 28th at the United Coop office in appreciation for their efforts during last week’s ice storm. Crews from United Cooperative Services worked countless hours in the last week to restore power to the rural areas of the county, an effort that Erath County Farm Bureau board members and agents felt needed to be recognized and rewarded.

In reference to the presentation of the gifts, Erath County Farm Bureau President Josh Ritchey said, “We just felt like we needed to do something to show our appreciation for the linemen and support staff of Erath County. Hard 8 BBQ stepped up to help contribute and make this happen”.

As many as 7,000 United Cooperative Services’ members in and around Erath County were without power during last weeks outages requiring the full commitment of their linemen and staff along with that of multiple cooperatives across the state. Erath County Farm Bureau is thankful for the dedication UCS showed their members and gladly took the time and effort to return some of that support.

About Erath County Farm Bureau: ECFB strives to be the voice of agriculture for the 3,500 Erath County Farm Bureau member families. Our vision is a prosperous agriculture industry that ensures a viable, domestic source of food, fiber and fuel.