Dave is an older lab mix up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society who wants a cozy home to relax in.

“He’s not a senior, but he’s very quiet and easy going,” said ECHS Executive Director Diane McCoy. “He came in as a stray in January and went home with a guy over the weekend in foster care and the guy said he was so good and just laid on his bed.”

McCoy said they don’t know much about Dave other than his demeanor.

“He doesn’t want to run and chase balls. He wants to relax,” she said. “He needs a comfy spot, a soft bed, and more than a concrete house here.”

McCoy said the shelter is still over capacity, but is thankful for the people who have come in to foster dogs.

“This weekend we’re going to start replacing the sand and straw,” she said. “McCoy’s is donating all the shavings we need and US Sand and Gravel is donating sand. The donations are still coming in and it’s amazing.”

The ECHS has received donations not only from the local community, but from as far as California.

“They don’t know us but they love animals and it’s very humbling,” McCoy said. “And our community is stepping up for us.”

For more information about Dave and other pets of the humane society, call 254-965-3247 or visit during hours of operation.