With the heavy rain and ice Stephenville received this week, the Erath County Humane Society has been submerged in water, but donations and response started coming in immediately Tuesday afternoon once the word got out.

“People are coming in constantly wanting to help and I’ve gotten over 100 emails and Facebook posts,” said ECHS Executive Director Diane McCoy. “My power is out at the house so I”m trying to keep everything in order.

“We’re still probably at 150 percent capacity and we’re going to need gift cards for food and foster, but I do have a pretty good stack of foster applications to go through. The response from the community and Metroplex has been amazing. I even had a lady that wanted to foster from West Virginia.”

McCoy said they have been able to keep all the animals indoors.

“I’m going through the foster list because this weather will bring in a lot of strays,” she said. “We’ve got the dogs all back inside and we’re not going to leave them out — we’ll figure out a way.”

As far as obtaining a new humane society facility, Stephenville City Administrator Allen Barnes said they are going out for bids for the purchase of the current facility and anticipates they will get at least one. If the current facility sells, then the next step will be to plan for a new facility.

“We’ve scouted out a potential location (property owned by the city) — what we think is a good location — and (the ECHS board) agrees it’s a good location. It gives them about three times the space they have now,” Barnes said Wednesday afternoon. “It’s moving. I know sometimes it feels like it’s moving glacially, but the parts are moving. We have legal steps that we have to take in order to do it legally and properly.”