Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

February, 10 years ago in Morgan Mill started with breakfast at the Community Center.  Some of its hungry folks were Stephenville’s Colonel Willie Tate, Tarleton’s President, Dennis McCabe, and new Horseman’s Ranch owners, Bob and Marie Beckett.  The Becketts were the first owners in the subdivision.  One of their friends told them about the new housing addition while they were driving HWY 281.  Bob and Marie said, “this looks like home” the first time they saw it.  Bob had been in the Navy for twenty years and was a certified financial planner in Weatherford then. 

Now, 10 years later, he has retired to enjoy his “new home.”  The Morgan Mill Art Association was meeting on Tuesday at noon and Judy Rasberry’s Bible Study group was studying “Life Principles for Following Christ.”  There had been a couple of house fires in Morgan Mill that month and a warning was issued about propane furnaces and hot water heaters. 

The fire department’s annual business meeting was scheduled for this month and like now, new members were encouraged.  Roscoe Davis was re-elected to the board and Ken Stokes was added to the board.  Tommy Cantrell was President of the Fire Department and Lynn (Red) Kinsey was the Chief.  The student of the month, ten years ago, was Caitlin York, second grader.  She liked math best and was on the “A” honor roll.  Morgan Mill Methodist Church started a food pantry at the Tarleton’s Wesley Foundation.  Many times the kids need extra help at the end of the week or at the end of the month. 

Any nonperishable food item is welcome.  See Debbie Lincoln.  The church is still active in suppling food items for this food pantry. 

Ten years ago at Morgan Mill School gym saw the installation of the purple pads in the gym.  It was a combined effort of Morgan Mill Youth Association, Stephenville Optimist Club, and Morgan Mill taxpayers.  The pads were put to use immediately at the school’s basketball tournament.  The boys “A” team came in first.  Then seventh grader, James Stamphill, reported that he thought that they won because of teamwork.  James is now working in Ft. Worth as a fundraiser for a local hospital.  Morgan Mill teacher, Nancy Lingle, reported that two of our ex-students, Dustin Lingle and Brody Wooton, were playing JV soccer at Stephenville High School.  Rolan Garcia was in the Tarleton musical production of Grease ten years ago.

That was fun to read back; some things never change. 

Now, for the present activities; the MM volunteer fire firefighters will be meeting Tuesday, Feb. 27, for training.

At 6:30 on March 1 is Morgan Mill Community Supper.  This is my favorite meeting because the 4-H kids will be presenting their awards that they received at the Erath Youth Fair.

The parents and kids will provide soups and stews and MM folks will bring the desserts.