1. What are the duties of county judge?

The duties of a county judge include presiding over the commissioners court, serving as head of emergency management, and serving as the chief budgetary officer.  Additionally, an attorney serving as county judge may assume judicial functions such as criminal arraignments and alleviate docket overload by agreement with courts of concurrent jurisdiction. 

2. What are the most pressing challenges currently facing Erath County?  

Implementation of the legislative mandate regarding courthouse security and safety, maintaining our law enforcement agencies and fire departments for our public safety, and the creation of a unified dispatch system available to all of our county's first responders and entities who choose to opt in to such a system.  Further, it is my belief that government should never attempt to solve problems that can be taken care of by the private sector.  More government and regulation will only exacerbate our current challenges.    

3. You are faced with a need to cut expenses. What adjustments do you feel could make the greatest difference (cost savings) for the county?

A downward budgetary allowance for Indigent Healthcare could save our county several hundred thousand dollars.  Currently, $867,000 is budgeted.  Our county has no business providing healthcare to illegal aliens, drug users and non-residents.  It is my belief that all expenses be kept in check and that growth should fuel our revenues.  

4. What is your stance on economic development? How do you feel Erath County can best attract such growth?

I believe in an attitude of "what can we do to bring your business to our county?" instead of "here is what you are going to do in order to bring your business to our county".  It is a travesty to see our sales and ad valorem tax dollars going to Granbury and Brownwood instead of staying here. I also believe that economic growth and development should be done in a way that prevents any degradation of our conservative values and way of life here in Erath County.    

5. What makes you the best candidate? 

My ancestors decided that Erath County was a great place to live eight generations ago.  I still hold that same belief.  As your Erath County Judge, I promise to manage our budget with a common sense approach: don't spend what we don't have, don't spend frivolously, increase revenue with growth and not increased taxation, protect our county with well-equipped fire departments and sheriff's office, and provide them with a communication infrastructure that is second-to-none.  I have spent my professional career fighting against taxing entities and appraisal districts running rogue over their citizens and protecting landowners from windpower land grabs and predatory oil & gas companies.  As your Erath County Judge, I will bring with me 13 years of experience as a practicing lawyer throughout 55 of the 254 counties of Texas.  In doing so, I have seen counties managed in a way that I admire as well as counties managed in ways that are shameful. I believe that our great county deserves a conservative budgetary officer sitting as its County Judge. I will hold steadfast to my belief in God, Family, 2nd Amendment, and tradition as I serve you as your County Judge.