With the heavy rain Stephenville received during the last 24 hours, the Erath County Humane Society is submerged in water leaving Executive Director Diane McCoy no choice but to pack as many dogs as she can inside.

“This is just the beginning and we’re suppose to get rain all week,” McCoy said Tuesday. “We had to leave three dogs out last night during the storm because there was no where else to put them.”

By around 2 p.m., some of the water had receded, but what the humane society is in need of is supplies, volunteers and adoptions.

“There is a woman who is going to get US Sand and Gravel to try and bring us some sand,” McCoy said. “But we could use some pine shavings. We put that on top because it keeps it cleaner, but we’re definitely going to need some pine shavings.”

McCoy said the shelter is also in need of puppy and dog food.

“But we don’t have any storage space, so a gift card to Walmart or Pet Supplies Plus would be great,” she said. 

When she can, McCoy will have to tackle the of job of cleaning out the wet straw and mud from the cages. 

“We may need volunteers when we do that,” she said. “Just maybe one day this weekend because we have to clean it all up.”

Stephenville Tractor Supply released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the business will donate 40 bags of pet food to the humane society.

“More often than not, animal shelters and rescues depend greatly on food donations to support the pets they take in that await adoption,” said Tractor Supply Manager Greg Keeney. “Our goal at Tractor Supply is to do our part in helping adoption efforts in our community because we know that pets are more than just dogs and cats, they are family.”

In September 2017, the humane society and the city of Stephenville reached an agreement to keep the shelter’s doors open and the city council approved a measure for a new facility.

But McCoy says she hasn’t received an update since.