1. What are the duties of county commissioner?

The duties of a county commissioner include but are not limited to the following:

*Adopt the county’s budget and tax rate

*Approve all budgeted purchases of the county

*Fill vacancies for elective and appointed offices

*Set salaries and benefits for county employees

*Has exclusive authority to authorize contracts

*Provide and maintain all county buildings and facilities

2. What are the most pressing challenges currently facing Erath County?

The most pressing challenges facing Erath County today are filling the offices for the long time elected officials that are retiring at the end of 2018. The County Judge has been in office 24 years and the County Treasurer for over 27 years. First, it is important to make a smooth transition with the incoming officials and to maintain a stable budget and financial environment. Secondly, as the county grows, our subdivision rules and regulations will need updating to handle the continuous growth. Third, maintaining the excellent services of our fire and rescue, EMS and law enforcement agencies that we have come to know while living here in Erath County.

3. You are faced with a need to cut expenses. What adjustments do you feel could make the greatest difference (cost savings) for the county?

If faced with cost reducing measures, purchasing fuel, equipment and road materials exclusively from GSA and Buy Board would be the biggest cost savings because those agencies offer counties the biggest cost savings.

4. How do you feel about the current condition of roads and bridges within your precinct?

The roads in Precinct 4 are currently in fair condition. However, improvements are always welcome. With last year’s large rain events, the roads and bridges were damaged. FEMA was here to assess the damages. Monetary assistance from FEMA was received and used to repair the roads and bridges in Precinct 4. With those projects completed, my crew and I will see to it that the roads and bridges in Precinct 4 are kept in good condition.

5. What makes you the best candidate?

I am a fourth generation resident of Erath County and I care about our community. I am a good communicator. I work well with the people in the county. I know the challenges of county government. I know how to prepare a budget and operate within budgetary guidelines. I respect the taxpayer’s money and I understand the integrity of using those funds wisely. I am the steward for the Erath County Historical Courthouse and I report to the Texas Historical Commission regarding all aspects of her care.

I have been blessed to work for Erath County for over twenty years. In that time, I have represented Erath County at both the local level and the state level in the following areas:

*Emergency Management Coordinator

*Employee Safety and Loss Control

*Facilities Planner and Developer

*Qualified Storm Spotter – 8 years

*Developed Code Red – Early Weather Warning System

*Received Numerous Grants from State of Texas

*Texas Historical Commission Coordinator

*Conduct Pipeline Safety Program Meetings

I am John Wooley, your best candidate for Precinct 4 Commissioner.