In response to the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Erath County Sheriff’s Office released information on the work they are doing and plan on doing in local schools.

“We started a program a year ago where we strive to have a deputy in and around schools throughout the county to be seen and to interact with students and staff,” the release states. “A deputy will be attending a class in the near future to be trained in relating to schools, in order to prepare schools and law enforcement to work together to combat issues such as these as well as many other issues our students face on a daily basis.”

The sheriff’s office has reached out to the North Texas Council of Governments to discuss school resource officer grants.

“We have also inquired about assistance in navigating a program like this in hopes to learn from where others have tread,” states the release. “Our goal is to comprise a staff of trained School Resource Officers in our county schools.”

School Marshal and parent watchdog programs are also being considered for county districts.

“The Erath County Sheriff’s Office is here to work with each school district to determine their individual needs and wants for their school in the areas of safety and preparedness,” the release states. “The goals of the Erath County Sheriff’s Office is to be a resource for the schools and to partner with them to assure the safety of our young people while in school.”