Last week’s murder of an 18-year-old man attempting to purchase a cell phone through the “5miles” app in Lancaster is once again highlighting the importance of safe exchange zones.

One such spot opened at the Stephenville Police Department in 2015 and Chief Jason King says it’s used often for custody exchanges as well as swapping goods made in online transactions.

“Our safe exchange zone is used heavily,” King said. “It actually sits right outside my office and I hear people pulling up and conversing all day long.”

The safe zone is located in front of the PD and has cameras that show a live feed inside the PD.

“That camera is on 24/7,” King said. “I encourage people who are meeting strangers to use it. You can’t ever be too careful and that’s why we put those spaces in - to give people a safe spot to make transactions.”

Meanwhile, Lancaster police are searching for Timothy Johnson, 28, and Nichelle Scott-Dennis, 29, suspected in the shooting death of Gerard Cage who was attempting to purchase a cell phone using the “5mile” app.