1. What are the duties of the county treasurer?

The primary duties of the county treasurer are to receive and deposit all county revenues.  Designated as the county’s investment officer, the treasurer is required to submit reports of the county's financial status to the commissioners court. At the direction of the commissioners court, the treasurer disburses funds and functions as the chief liaison between the county and the bank, recording receipts and expenditures and reconciling bank statements. Further, the treasurer is will also be designated as the county’s human resource officer, which is an essential part of the Erath County treasurer’s responsibilities. My degree from Tarleton State University in Human Resources will allow me to best serve the citizens of Erath County. Ever-mindful of my responsibilities to our county, I promise to be diligent in the coordination of county employee benefits, risk management, and insurance. And with careful attention to detail, I will protect and invest in our community's workforce by preparing and processing the county payroll. These duties and responsibilities are imperative to local county government and each heavily impacts Erath County's financial well-being. I promise to carefully consider and evaluate each aspect.

2. What do you believe is the most important function of the office?        

The most important function of the county treasurer is to protect the taxpayer’s money. I will work closely with the county auditor’s office in preparing the annual budget. The budget will protect county assets. It will enable the commissioners court to invest strategically for the best interest of the county.  If elected, I will promise to always practice an open door policy, encouraging and welcoming questions or concerns pertaining to Erath County finances.

3. Do you have any experience in banking, accounting, or financial planning?

My banking experience began in 1999 as a teller. Since then, I have served the local community in new accounts, customer service, consumer lending, and mortgage lending. Currently, I am the assistant vice president of mortgage lending at Texas Bank here in Stephenville. Each loan decision I make is a financial plan for the customer. The bank invests in the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. It is also necessary to ensure the home is a sound investment for the borrower.  My 18 years in the banking industry uniquely qualifies me as the choice candidate for Erath County Treasure and provides me with the confidence, know-how, and professional commitment that will serve our county well.

4. Have you ever managed investments? 

As a loan officer, every loan I make is an investment not only for the bank, but also for the customer. The bank invests in the borrower’s repayment ability to ensure a stable and comfortable payment that does not result in default. I guide the customer in making a sound investment in the property, by requiring an appraisal and title insurance. These investments are carefully planned and reviewed so that the borrower and the bank have a value asset.  Each decision in the lending process impacts both the banks and borrowers future. This evaluation process is consistent with the county treasurer's office. To best and accurately represent our county and its citizens, it is vital that I, as the treasurer, consider all implications of such decisions.

 5. What are the top skills or personal attributes that make you the best candidate?

Communication and Integrity make me the best candidate for Erath County Treasurer. Effective and respectful communication and coordination with all county departments and elected officials are crucial to the overall success of local government. I communicate daily with my banking team, customers, title companies, insurance providers, appraisers, and countless others to achieve a common goal. Communication, to me, is the key to success.

Integrity is another strong attribute that makes me the best candidate. I believe integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. Erath County can count on me to do the right thing day in and day out. My pledge to you is that I will approach the duties and responsibilities of the county treasurer with honesty, integrity, and dedication. So vote for me, Kelli Bedwell Raymond, for your Erath County Treasurer.