Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The January student of the month is a fourth grader, Justin Boggs.  He admits that he has no idea how he was chosen.  When I told him that his teacher had selected him, his comment was “I’m surprised.”

After my interview with him, I was not surprised by his selection.  I was completely taken by his charming uniqueness.  He is on the A/B honor roll and when I asked him about perfect attendance, he said; ”Oh, No!”  His favorite subject is math, especially fractions.  He has two sisters, Penny, one year old; and DeDe, who is in the second grade.  Justin was born in Georgia.  He moved from Ohio in the third grade.  He has some best friends in Ohio that he misses and hopes to move back some day.  When I asked him to describe himself, he said, “I like to talk.”  He gets in trouble because he is also a “prankster.”  Be careful with your food when you are around him is my comment. 

I asked about his pets and I have to admit that he is the first one that had to list his dead pets.  So here goes, Justin listed the dead ones as Charley the cat and Brownie the dog.  The live ones are dog, Buttons and cats Addie, Mower, Tabby, and Alex.  I need to explain that Justin said that his dead pets are still with him in spirit.  He knows that they went to heaven, but he still cares for them.  In UIL Justin came in fifth in chess puzzles.  The main thing that he did in UIL was to bring snacks.  Justin was quick to list the things that he likes, video games, playing nerf war games, and vanilla ice cream. 

He does not like vegan dinners or dolls.  Mom and Dad are Ashley and Jason.  Congratulations to a great kid.  I probably will remember this interview.

Unfortunately our new fire truck has already seen its first fire.  It is here and is ready for action.  Burn barrels are not allowed during a burn ban as is welding without a spotter and a good water supply.  Do not hesitate to call 911 if you see any fire regardless of size.

If you missed the Erath County First Responders fund raiser last week end, remember you can still send them a check.  Call 254-307-9229 for information. 

Breakfast weekend is Saturday, Feb. 10, from 7 to 9, the best breakfast in town is at the Community Center.  A lot of candidates in the upcoming election will be there to meet you.  All the eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and biscuits that you can eat are always on the menu. 

We still appreciate the donations; it is still paying the bills.  It is hard to believe that the Community Center is 13 years old and still has not had to have a fundraiser in order to pay the bills.