After a recent cancer diagnoses, former Stephenville High School history teacher Dr. Rick “Doc” Sherrod is the recipient of this year’s “Coaches for a Cure” fundraiser taking place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30, during the SHS basketball games.

“(Doc) means a lot to our school and to our kids, and with everything he’s given to us, I’m hoping we can kind of give back during this time of need for him,” said SHS basketball coach and teacher Kristi Mayes. “He was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and is very optimistic. He is really honored to be our recipient.”

There will be a bake sale/silent auction in the SHS foyer, donation boxes set up at the front gate, performances by the Teams of Tomorrow youth basketball group and a cake auction.

“We take our 10 prettiest cakes and we auction those off. We have an auctioneer, Roger Elston, who has volunteered to do that; he’s great,” Mayes said. “So that’s where we hope to make a lot of our funds — through the donations at the gate and the auction.”

The Honeybee and Yellow Jacket teams will take on Midlothian Heritage.

“Not only is it a big night of giving back to the community, it’s a big night for our program as well because Heritage is a team we beat in overtime so it will be a big game,” Mayes said. “So we’re hoping to pack the stands for our kids as well.”

Navy and gold T-shirts are also being sold for the game that say Coaches for a Cure on the front and “TEAM DOC” on the back.

“They’re blue and gold because we’re not sure what kind of cancer (Sherrod) has yet, so we just made them go with our school colors,” Mayes said. “We’re playing Midlothian Heritage and they’re buying shirts as well to help support. Jason Hodges (Heritage girls basketball coach) is a former student of Stephenville, so he knows Doc and so his kids are buying shirts.”

Sherrod said he hopes to learn what type of cancer he has soon when the biopsy results come back.

“The areas that appear to be impacted are the gallbladder and liver,” he said. “But we won’t know much in the way of additional details for another day or two.”

Flat donations will also be accepted and those who would like to drop off cash or a check can do so at the high school front office. Checks can be made payable to “Coaches for the Cure” or to Sherrod directly.

“Being a recipient is, of course, a tremendous honor,” Sherrod said. “It’s nice to be so kindly remembered by my former students and work colleagues. I am particularly grateful to Kristi Mayes whose Christian charity and thoughtfulness toward others is a shining light in the Stephenville community.”

Sherrod taught at SHS for 19 years and retired last May.

“We’re excited about this and it’s a great lesson for our kids to see us teach to have a servant's heart and to give back and love on people,” Mayes said. “So hopefully modeling that will also provide a life lesson for our kids that when things get tough you help each other out.”