Beginning in 2018, the new rendition deadline for all businesses will be April 1. If you would like to file an extension request, please locate the updated form from the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance website or you can get one from the appraisal district office beginning on Jan. 1.

The initial 30-day extended deadline would be May 1.

For those that apply for Freeport or Goods in Transit exemptions, the April 30 deadline has not changed. For filing a late Freeport application, however, the deadline is now June 15. As in previous years, there will still be a 10% penalty for filing a late Freeport application.

The biggest change for the business personal property accounts in Texas is the above-mentioned deadlines for the annual rendition form and applications. Texas law will require business owners to complete and submit the rendition form to the Erath County Appraisal District on or before April 1st. If a business fails to do so or if the rendition is turned in after the deadline, there will be a 10% penalty on the owner’s tax bill for the current year.

For all deadlines, the Erath County Appraisal District will use the postmark date on applications sent through the mail. Businesses also have the option to hand-deliver forms no later than the day the form is due, and it will still be considered as timely. All of these applications can be found under the Forms section of the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance website after Jan. 1.