Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

There is one more Hancock in Gene Williams’s book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill.  James B (Buck) apparently came to Morgan Mill with his uncles, Clem and Blufe Hancock, in 1874.  Born in 1856, James married Mary Elizabeth Lanman in 1880 at Morgan Mill.  Mary was the daughter of William C. Lanman who owned a one-half interest in the old grist mill in the 1870s.  They had two children, Fred, born in 1882, who never married, and Lottie, born in 1885, and who married I. Nolan Gaither. 

Abel F. Harris (1852-1934) family moved from North Carolina to Georgia in 1870.  In 1874, he married Martha Isabell (Mattie) Gunter (1849-1936) at Bluff Dale.  In the late 1870s they moved to the Morgan Mill community where the Ted Van Loon dairy was located.  He was active in the community.  He was a deacon in the MM Gospel Missionary Baptist Church, a trustee for MM School, and a member of the MM Masonic Lodge.  Abel and Mattie had ten children, four of whom died in infancy. 

Ernest Harris was born in Oklahoma, but raised in Morgan Mill on Abel Harris’ farm.  Ernest Bruce (1900-1987) married Mary Annie Yancy (1901-1987).  Ernest and Mary had eight children.  Two of the children, Verdell and Eva Lois, married Rasberry brothers, Homer and Andrew.  This is the explanation of why there are so many Rasberrys in Morgan Mill. 

Tom Henderson’s family moved from Arkansas to the Pony Creek community after the Civil War.  Tom moved to the MM community in 1883 and farmed some of the Hancock land.  Tom (1861-1949) married Ada Hancock (1867-1952) and were the parents of four children. 

Avery Huckabee’s family moved from Alabama to Texas in 1890s.  Avery married Lamorah (Mora) Herring (1879-1956) in 1899 and soon after their marriage; they went to Indian Territory in Oklahoma where they homesteaded land for two years. They moved back to MM and settled on the Nelson farm.  They raised nine children.  The Huckabee’s family has been associated with the MM community for almost one hundred years. 

The MM 4-H Stock Show and Youth Fair was a success.  Thank you for contributing to the Buyers Pool.  In MM the moneys are split among all of the MM participants.  If you missed the donation pouch, the kids will be at Community Supper soon and you can donate then.  The list of winners will appear in a later column.