More volunteers are needed to speak up for local abused and neglected children in the Cross Timbers area of Texas. Trainings are set to become a CASA volunteer guardian ad litem for children in Erath County, beginning in February.

CASA for the Cross Timbers Area volunteers are appointed to children who are confirmed victims of abuse to independently investigate the case and provide recommendations to the sitting judge concerning the best interest of the child.

“CASA volunteer guardian ad litems offer the children what no one else can - consistency and continuity in the midst of all the chaos the children are experiencing,” Executive Director Judy Walker said. “In the course of a typical case, the child often experiences several foster placements, new schools, multiple caseworkers and, fortunately, one advocate. The trust that is built allows the CASA volunteer to encourage the children to express their feelings and to feel safe, all the while remaining objective.” 

CASA volunteers come from all backgrounds with different experiences and CASA CTA provides the necessary training.  More volunteers are needed in Bosque, Eastland, Erath and Hamilton counties. Walker said becoming a CASA volunteer is a way to make a direct impact in your community one child at a time.

 “We strive to assign our volunteers to one case at a time to make sure the children receive the attention they need. But, that means we are sometimes limited to the number of children we serve,” Walker said. “We need more volunteers to serve 100 percent of the children in our four county area who are currently in the state’s care. To anyone considering being a CASA volunteer, I would say go for it. The time spent is well worth the difference you will make in our children’s lives and well-being. You will not find a worthier cause.”

For more information contact CASA at 254-965-6610 or email