In continuing with it’s 1:1 iChampion initiative, Stephenville ISD rolled out approximately 540 iPads to Chamberlin Elementary students Tuesday morning.

Students were excited to start the new year with the devices and were greeted with a tunnel entry and the Stephenville High School cheerleaders.

“We want to make sure people know that these are just reclaimed iPads that we’ve taken from other campuses,” said SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood. “So we’re not buying anything new. When we buy these new devices we’re not just getting rid of the old ones. We’re putting them to use.”

Each student will have their own iPad to use in the classroom — the types of iPad vary from classroom to classroom — but will not take them home.

“Each student in that classroom will have the same iPad, so they won’t be fighting over what they have,” Underwood said. “It’s taken a lot of planning to get to this point. At the first and second grade level they’re still going to be able to run some of those learning apps; curriculum to get to where we need to go.”

Chamberlin Principal Jennifer Salyards is excited about the innovative changes taking place.

“Over the past few years, Chamberlin has seen many teachers implement digital tools in impactful ways and outcomes from that are great in terms of student engagement and academic performance,” Salyards said. “Moving to a one-to-one environment means access to these tools for every student every day. This is really big for our little learners.”

The next step is to roll out iPads at Central Elementary, but Underwood said it would be after research on what type of devices would be beneficial is conducted.