Filing for the city council and school board elections is set to begin on Jan. 17, and if history repeats itself, things are about to get interesting.

There is never any shortage of high drama, switcherooing and general entertainment associated with local politics.

So grab on to something sturdy and hold on tight, we could be in for another wild ride.

Stephenville City Council

Mayor Kenny Weldon, Carla Trussell, Brady Pendleton, Alan Nix and Jerry Warren are all up for another term.

Weldon, Trussell and Pendleton said they plan to seek re-election. 

“Serving our community has been an honor and a rewarding experience,” Trussell said about her first term in office. “I look forward to filing for re-election and hope to be able to continue working on the many ongoing projects and issues before the council.”

Meanwhile, Warren did not respond to a question about his re-election bid, and Nix said he is “officially undecided.”

“If the good Lord allows me to live until May, I will have served 10 years on the city council,” Nix said, adding he hopes to make his final decision by the end of January.

SISD board of trustees

Keri Vanden Berge, Sherri Evans and Gary Sult are up for a new term.

Vanden Berge and Evans say they will file for re-election, but after serving three terms, Sult is stepping down.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to serve the district in the capacity of trustee and I will continue to support public education in our community in other ways,” Sult said. “Through the challenges and successes I’ve been humbled to see how hard the individuals who make up the SISD work to educate our children. Many of the decisions that have been made were not easy but I always tried to look at what was best for the students.”

Packets for city council are available at City Hall and the administration building for school board. The deadline to secure a spot on the ballot is Friday, Feb. 16.