There are many people involved in making the Junior Livestock Show of Erath County a success. Here is a look at committee members, judges, advisors and those who help make it possible.

Executive Committee:

Danny Phillips - Show Chairman

Jerry Campbell - Treasurer

Doug Shores - Building & Grounds

Rusty Rose - Auction Sale

Terry Miller - Accounting

Billy Hassler - Past Show Chairman

Jessica Phillips - Livestock

Jason Swatsell - Livestock

Betty Manning - Recording Secretary

Building & Grounds Committee:

Doug Shores - Superintendent

Tommy Dingman

Craig Smith - Sound

Sale Committee:

Rusty Rose - Chairman

Jason Beyer

Jim Beyer

Marvin Curry

Todd Philips

Dr. Frank Terrell

Dr. Jerry Nance

Technology & Accounting:

Brenda Haedge - Superintendent Tech

Terry Miller - Superintendent Acct.

Karen Jackson

Carol Faulkenberry

Dr. Steve Hammack

Awards & Publicity Committee:

Carol Faulkenberry - Chairman

Joe Faulkenberry


Dairy - Kent Lanham, Tommy Watson and Ron Woolley

Horse - Scot Jackson and Amy Gillespie

Swine - David Bragg and J.P. Stephens

Beef - Dennis Reed, Tommy Dingman and Craig Smith

Lamb & Goat - Stuart Spruil and Joe Faulkenberry

Poultry - Jerry Campbell, Angie Shawver and Cami Brewer

Rabbit - Gay Sparks

Ag Mechanics - Curtis Langley


Dale Collum - Huckabay FFA

Michael Rainey - Stephenville FFA

Ryan Best - Stephenville FFA

Daren Price - Dublin FFA

Josh Beaty - Dublin FFA

Charlie Wilson - Lingleville FFA

Lonnie Jenschke - County Extension Agent

Donna White - County Extension Agent

Emily Cooper - County Extension Agent

Judges & Classifiers:

Dairy - Chad Steinberger

Horse - Jennifer Crumley

Meat Goat - Chad Coburn

Swine - Kyle Stephens

Beef - Ryan Rathman

Lamb - Chad Coburn

Lamb, Steer, Swine Classifier - Zach Wilcox

Poultry - James Barbee

Rabbits - Ken McCracken

Ag Mechanics - Mark Vitters