Stephenville ISD’s facility planning committee chair Christin Pack addressed the board of trustees Monday about the recommendation for district improvement projects, which have come to an approximate total of $60,810,000.

“The entire committee was so impressed with how the school board has taken care of our money and improving and fixing our facilities,” Pack said. “However, there are only so many bandaids you can put on aging structures.”

The breakdown of that figure is as follows: Safety and security, $6,030,000; Stephenville High School additions and renovations, $7,740,000; extracurricular expansion, $15,050,000; fine arts additions and renovations, $16,360,000; and career and technology education improvements, $15,630,000.

“These are not extravagant wants,” Pack said. “These are practical needs.”

Pack mentioned that many of the SISD facilities are at least 40 years old.

“We have considered the district’s financial position,” Pack said. “Good facilities draw in good people and good teachers. (The projects) were constantly changing depending on what we heard and it really was a tough process.”

The steps following the recommendation are for the board of trustees to study the information and potentially call for a bond election.

“This process began in April and input was garnered by various means including telephone and internet surveys, and external facility review and an open invitation to all residents who wanted to be included in the planning process,” SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood wrote in a previous article.

For a detailed list of the district’s improvement projects visit the Stephenville ISD website.