Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Continuing with the ancestors of the families of Morgan Mill, Gene Williams writes in his book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, the account of  William H. Davis.  His story was printed in the book, A History of Texas published in 1896.  A lengthy background tells of his family’s journey in getting to Texas.  Mr. and Mrs. Davis (Sarah Ann Osborn) came to Texas in 1856 with an ox team and wagon reaching the Paluxy on the 31 of December, without any money.  The story tells of Mr. Davis improving five different farms in Erath County.  He and Sarah raised twelve children.  The article described Mr. Davis as “coming to Erath County when the Indians were far more numerous than the white settlers, and has been an important factor in making the district what it is today.”

Ben P. Earp (1827-1921) married Orlena Meek Earp (1834-1929) and had eight children.  Ben was mentioned in the book, Hood County History as being a well-known wit and humorist from Morgan Mill.  Many of the Earp family are now buried in the Morgan Mill Cemetery. 

Captain John C. Fears (1837-1889) married Louisa Holmer (1843-1912).  He was a veteran of the Civil War and moved his family to Morgan Mill about 1879.  He was a charter member of the Morgan Mill Masonic Lodge.  He became a rancher and is contributed for establishing one of the early Hereford cattle ranches in this area.  More family histories will be in future columns.

If you have not heard, the fire ban has been reinstated.  The fire close to Dublin and Lingleville that burned over to 200 acres was the deciding factor.  Folks around here knew that any kind of a fire was potentially dangerous.  Our new fire truck is almost ready.  The word was that they were painting its numbers on last week.  It looks like it will not stay unused very long.  Thanks again for all of your donations at the Pie and Cake auction.

Christmas is fast approaching.  All three churches will be having special services on Sunday, Dec. 24. Morgan Mill Methodist will have a special candlelight service at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Vanessa Garcia will be playing her harp at both the morning service at 9:30 and at the evening service.  Come hear her if you missed her performance at Community Dinner.  It is a treat.  The Morgan Mill Baptist Church will be having their candlelight service at 7 p.m.

There is a place for all at this season of the year. This will be the last column for this year.  Hope you have a Happy New Year.  Ken Stokes will be the program for Community Supper on Thursday, Jan. 4. He and Diane will be showing pictures of their recent vacation to Ecuador and Peru. See you there at 6:30.