The newest exhibit for the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council opened Friday at Clark Field Regional Airport featuring the work of Vietnam veteran Chuck Markham.

“Chuck is tremendously talented and has such a diverse background,” said CTFAC Executive Director Julie Crouch Smith. “He has a love for travel and painting, and you can see these influences in his work.”

Markham’s exhibit will be open through Jan. 26.

Markham was raised in Dalhart and graduated from West Texas State University with a minor in art.

“Commissioned a 2LT in the US Army, Chuck served in Vietnam as a combat tank platoon leader and later as a combat helicopter pilot and unit commander,” states Markham’s bio.

After retiring from the Army, Markham began to travel across the US.

“I was riding a motorcycle all over the US and went to every state,” Markham said in a telephone interview with the E-T. “I hit a deer going 70 miles per hour and couldn’t ride anymore and so I had to do something.”

He returned to painting and has been doing that for seven years.

“(I paint) things I see and I do take day trips and take pictures,” he said. “People also send me pictures from all over the world. Miller Wells sent me a picture (from Spain) that I’m painting, but it’s not in the show. I’m a retired Army officer and have friends all over the world so that’s usually where my inspiration comes from.”

The works on display will be for sale and should be marked at the exhibit.

“This will be my first one-man show, but I’ve done several other shows,” Markham said.

Markham paints in his studio located near Duffau.