It was a big day for Erath County 4-H members when they qualified for district after competing in the Food Challenge and Food Show this month.

“The Food Show is an individual competition where the kids prepare their dish at home and bring it up and present it to the judges,” said County Extension Agent Donna White. “The Food Challenge is a team challenge of about three to five members and the kids have to brainstorm and think creatively because they’re just given ingredients on a table without a recipe.”

Each team member has an area of strength like nutrition evaluating or food prep and then the dish is presented to judges after the 40 minutes allotted.

Before the contest the kids were able to attend workshops to help improve their skills.

“It’s really a great contest and we’re fortunate that we have so many people in Erath County that are willing to help,” White said.

The district competition will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 13, in Belton, and include 21 counties.