Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

This is the week that we give thanks.  There are too many things to list one by one so my thoughts today are on our Morgan Mill ancestors.  I am thankful for their efforts in making Morgan Mill what it is today.  In alphabetical order, Gene Williams list “families of Morgan Mill” in his book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill.  Daniel F. Armstrong (1859-1910) and his wife, Emma Laura (Dobbs) (1859-1910) left Alabama in 1894 for Texas.  In January, 1900, Mr. Armstrong bought 156 acres farm about two miles from Morgan Mill. 

They raised 11 children and the farm is still in the Armstrong family.  The Thomas S. Baker family moved to Morgan Mill from Fannin County about 1904.  Chief Baker, as he was known, was a blacksmith and owned the Underwood Blacksmith shop until 1935.  The Baker children attended the Cantrell and Morgan Mill schools and most of them married and raised their families in the Morgan Mill area. 

The Bennett families settled on farms a few miles east of Morgan Mill in the late 1890’s.  The Bennett’s children attended the Cantrell and Morgan Mill School.  Some of the Bennett descendants are still living in the Morgan Mill community.  Earl L. Burns (1886-1959) and Rena Ragland Burns (18990-1981) moved from Young County, Tx. to the Tennessee community in 1918.  The Burns’ descendants still live in Morgan Mill.  Luther Rice Cantrell was born in South Carolina and moved to three miles east of Morgan Mill in 1868.  According to family legend, there were forty Cantrell cousins attending the Cantrell School at the same time.  There are eight pages of Cantrells in Gene’s book.  Some 140 years later, there are still Cantrells living in Morgan Mill. 

“Uncle” Messer Cason moved to Morgan Mill from Brown County in 1907.  Messer Cason owned a farm and raised six children in Morgan Mill.  Pete C. Chapman (1878-1958) married Rosa Adams (1881-1940) and came to Morgan Mill around the 1890’s from Granbury.  Pete was a farmer and raised five children.  Henry Leyde Counts (1821-1905) settled on land west of Morgan Mill in 1857 making him one of the earliest settlers. 

The creek that ran through his land was later named Counts Creek in honor of him.  Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ball now own part of the old Henry Counts farm and live in the remodeled home on the property.  Henry married Lydia E. Young (1828-1911) and were the parents to ten children.  These families have familiar names because they made Morgan Mill into the community that it is today.  I will continue with the “D” families later. 

Your Morgan Mill Fire fighters have been busy this last week.  As long as the burn ban is not in place, you are going to have to be watchful and careful.  One citizen noticed smoke nearby and called 911.  The homeowners had started a fire in a protected area early in the day and then left.  

Later that evening the winds changed and the stumps reignited.  Sometimes when you are burning stumps it may take days for the fire to be “really” out.  Another incident caused more than 100 acres to be burned and took over 24 hours to put out with several Erath County fire departments working on it.  It is fire season.  Be cautious.  Even though there is not yet a burn ban, everyone needs to take extra care when welding, burning a brush pile, or even burning in a burn barrel. 

You are supposed to call 965-3318 before doing any burning.