Slightly hidden away just outside downtown Stephenville is a family-owned business that can take care of all your deer and other game processing needs.

JT’s Deer Processing is owned by Jesse and Amanda Vann who inherited it from Jesse’s father after he passed. 

“This is our 12th year in business,” Amanda said. “It was actually (Jesse’s) dad’s business and he had done it for years and we grew up doing it with him and when his dad passed away we just kind of kept it going.”

The business is located at 2931 E. Washington St. across from Hay & Feed Ranch and makes everything from sausage to jerky, burgers and cuts.

“We offer pretty much any type of exotic large game — white-tailed deer, elk, mule deer, wild pigs — anything you can go hunting for like that and any type of processing,” Amanda said. “We can make jerky, deer snacks, breakfast sausage, chorizo, smoked link sausage, summer sausage and all kinds of good stuff.”

People can bring their deer or other game up to JT’s and get whatever kind of cut they would like. Orders are typically ready to pick up within two weeks unless getting a straight cut.

“Generally they come in as a full animal, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people who hunt out of town bring it to us quartered up in an ice chest, but they can receive the same services that the other people can,” Amanda said. “They don’t even have to call. Once season starts we’re open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and passed 8 p.m. we’re open for drop-offs.”

JT’s busiest time of year is deer season and they get about 1,200 deer between November and January. 

“We are here the beginning of October all the way through February,” Amanda said. “We would love to hit 1,500 deer this year. Some people don’t know that we’re here so we’re trying to work on that.”

Amanda and Jesse enjoy their business and have plans to expand in March 1, 2018 to offer other cuts of meat for purchase.

“I like all the cutting part, I like to cut up meat. I’ve done that almost my whole life,” Jesse said. “Our goal is to have a full meat market.”

Amanda added, “We’ll offer pretty much anything, fresh grind, steaks, sirloin, ribeye, strips, chicken, pork chops.”

They are also planning to build a smoke house to sell smoked meats out of.

“We have a lot of our solid customers that say they wish we would do that,” Amanda said. “So we’re going to do it. We’re going to try to get through deer season first and then get all of it going before summer hits when people start to cook out.”

The official deer season is from Nov. 4 - Jan. 7 with a bag limit of four deer. 

For more information on hunting restrictions visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website at