Kojak is an older lab mix up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society who has had a tough life and is in need of a loving home.

“Kojak is a sad case. He was either a bait dog or has been an attack victim,” said ECHS Executive Director Diane McCoy. “He’s scarred and missing part of one ear. He’s very shy and unsure of himself, but perks up when he feels safe and loved.”

Kojak is kennel trained and would make a great indoor pet.

“He likes a soft bed and needs a quiet place with someone to love,” McCoy said. “It’s heartbreaking to think of what he’s been through and we really want to find him the home and family he deserves.”

For more information about Kojak or other pets of the humane society call 254-965-3247 or visit the shelter during hours of operation.