Stephenville and area residents now have another option when they need emergency room medical treatment.

Complete Care Stephenville 24-hour Emergency and Family Medicine opened for business on Aug. 5, at 2108 W. Washington Street near H-E-B. It offers a 24-hour full-service emergency care clinic, as well as a traditional medical clinic.

Dr. Clayton Roberts, a Somervell County resident, is the medical director of the Stephenville facility, which features three full-time physicians and four who are part-time.

“This is novel to Stephenville. I think people in Stephenville have never had a local option for the emergency room. When patients have options for emergency care, they win,” said Roberts, who previously was medical director of Complete Care in Fort Worth before the Stephenville facility opened.

Roberts, 38, said there is a board-certified doctor in the Complete Care ER 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility offers CT scans, sonography and X-rays, and has its own pharmacy. The lab is open 24 hours a day.

Roberts said the facility is staffed with as many as 30 full-time employees in all.

“The emergency room is fully functional and fully equipped,” said Roberts, who graduated from Texas Tech University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. “We can do anything from broken ankles to full life-support. We try to recruit the most talented staff (members), combined with treating people like family.”

Roberts noted that all types of commercial medical insurance is accepted at Complete Care, and traditional Medicare and Tricare patients are also welcome. Discounts are available for cash payments.

“We don’t turn anybody away,” said Roberts, who originally is from Lamesa, where he practiced medicine for the first five years of his career. “Anybody with an emergency will be treated.”