Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The place to be on Saturday, Nov 11, at 5:30, is the annual Firefighter’s auction at the MM Community Center. The annual Pie and Cake Auction is famous in these parts.

The new truck is scheduled to be here any time now.  If you missed getting a yard identification sign last year, you can get one this year for $500.

In addition, there will be denim shirts with the new MM Fire Department logo if you spend $500.  The “Supporter” caps are back for $100 donations.  Remember there will be a barbecue dinner before the auction.  This is a good time to buy your holiday pies and cakes. 

This once-a-year event keeps the fire department going to emergencies, dousing your runaway yard fires and helping the community.  If you are unable to attend, the Fire Department’s mail box is #13, 76465.

The November Student of the Month is sixth grader, Dalilah King.  Social Studies is her favorite subject.  She has been in MM for four years and the part that she likes is that “everybody is nice.”  In band, she plays the saxophone.  She is a member of the drill team and has perfect attendance.  For the MM School Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday, Nov. 17, she will be making table decorations. 

She is looking forward to seeing her high school friends that always return for this important event.  Dalilah likes to play with her hamster in the evenings and also has a cat and some dogs.  In the UIL contest last year, she competed in art, Social Studies, and chess. 

She does not want to do art again, but she wants to do music memory this year.  When I asked her what she wanted people to know about her, she said that she likes to draw animals and scenery and that she plays the guitar.  Her favorite songs are Amazing Grace and You Are My Sunshine. 

At the Spooktacular Fall Carnival, she ran the booths of pumpkin toss and face painting.  She said that everyone had a good time.  She has one sister, Ava in the fifth grade; two brothers, Blake in the third grade and Christian in the eighth grade.  Proud mom and dad are Shyra and James. Congratulations to a wonderful, young lady who was dressed like a hotdog for Halloween. 

The King and Queen of the Fall Carnival was J.D. Scott, second grade and Haven Long in the third grade.  J.D said that he sold 170 raffle tickets.  He smiled and said that he just knows a lot of people.  Mom’s work helped also.  His prize was a gift card at Walmart that he plans to buy caps for his cap gun.  Winning, he said was a surprise, it just happened. 

This is Haven’s second time to win Queen.  She sold 289 raffle tickets.  She admits that she has a lot of relatives and Dad’s friends bought a few.  Her Grandpa won the porch swing.  The person who bought the most was Grandma who bought 40 tickets and did not win anything. 

Her parting words were, “I’m going to win next year too.” 

I believe with her attitude she will. The fun thing about the interview was her purple eyelashes that she had on for Halloween.  I asked her how she was going to remove them and she said, “just reach up and yank them off.”