Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates said hitting the streets to verify the location of area registered sex offenders is something the department does every year along with other local agencies.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office teamed up with agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Stephenville and Dublin police departments and members of the District Attorney’s Office to verify the location of every sex offender residing in Erath County.  

“This is something we do once a year and this year Sergeant Jeremy Woodruff worked with DPS to come up with a time to get this done,” Coates said. “The departments were out in full force on Tuesday.”  

Coates said registered sex offenders are required to report their place of residence, employment, contact information and vehicle information to authorities.  That information is compiled by DPS and is made available to the public.

“If they are out of compliance, we will apply for a warrant for their arrest,” Coates said.  

On Tuesday, officers went door- to-door making contact with each sex offender and verified that their information was correct and up to date.

Coates said the effort is to ensure safety for Erath County residents.