A special crimes unit approved earlier this year is getting drugs off the streets, according to Stephenville Police Chief Jason King and Sheriff Matt Coates. 

“The special crimes unit stays extremely busy,” King said during an interview Monday at the E-T’s office. “The investigators work day and night and are currently working several long-term investigations.”

The unit is a partnership between police, the sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office.

“We also work with state and federal agencies when cases necessitate it,” King said.

The unit includes four investigators and two K-9 units.

“This doesn’t cost the county or the city anything extra,” Coates said. “In fact, it saves money.”

But perhaps more important to residents is that the partnership is working in terms of reducing the amount of drugs on the streets and arresting area drug dealers.

“Just last week a grand jury indicted Malik Petties on two counts of delivery of marijuana,” King said. “The arrest was a direct result of what this special crimes unit is doing.”

The unit’s primary mission is to get drugs off the streets, but the investigators will assist in other big cases when needed.

Coates said the partnership was long overdue.

“Before (the sheriff’s office) didn’t have enough people to cover this, the streets and CID,” Coates said. “So the partnership really helps us out. It’s a win-win for everyone.”