Commissioners declined to approve a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform and new cameras and locks for the Erath County Sheriff's Office during Monday’s commissioners court meeting.

RapidDeploy is a platform that simplifies emergency dispatch services.

The system is free for the first year, then $128,000 a year after that.

“I freely admit that this is not in my wheelhouse, but I do know that $128,000 is significant,” said County Judge Tab Thompson. “I’m interested in anything we can do to improve our services to the public but we have to look at the financial part.”

Commissioners did not approve the system saying that another meeting would need to take place in the next couple of weeks with a detailed breakdown of costs and comparisons.

Sheriff Matt Coates said the department currently uses a radio method of dispatching, not a CAD platform.

RapidDeploy’s CAD can track and analyze data from vehicles, has fully integrated vehicle tracking, uses mobile workforce management, uses route optimization, bulk dispatching and more.

“We need to see this all on paper. Let’s get more information in a presentation and we need to approve the budget,” Thompson said.

Commissioners listened to another presentation from a Guardian representative about installing new cameras and locks at the sheriff’s office and jail.

“I would not like to act on this today. It’s all happened pretty quick here at the end of the year and these are big purchases,” Thompson said. “I would really prefer to put off action on this until we pass the (new) budget and get an understanding of each component.”

Other agenda items included:

• The approval of a contract between the Erath County clerk and Ranger College to conduct the November election and approval of a contract between the county and Ranger for a joint election allowing one ballot for the constitutional election and Ranger’s

• The second public hearing on the proposed tax rate, to which no one spoke

• Setting a date to adoption the proposed budget, Friday, Sept. 29

• The opening of bids for HVAC, Dublin cleaning and pest control

• And approval of meeting dates and holidays for the 2018 calendar year.