After some pushback on the $655,000 price tag for Tarleton State University's new locker room, the Stephenville ISD board of trustees reached an agreement with the university and approved $327,500 Monday for the locker room and a six-year rental agreement of $100,000.

“(The board) was concerned about paying the money up front versus spreading the money out over the six years and my take was that if we have the money now, let’s pay now,” said SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood. “The scope of how much we’re going to use that locker room is about half when you figure it in. We’re going to have five games and possibly more depending on playoffs, but we’re not going to use all that facility because we don’t need it. I think a good negotiation was half price for that locker room and that’s what I’ve kind of been shooting for this whole time and I was pretty happy to get that.”

As board member Gary Sult explained at the last SISD meeting, the rental agreement of $100,000 is not an expenditure. Ticket and concession sales make up that amount.

The SISD board also designated $600,000 for future technology refreshes.

“That was kind of what we told voters with the tax swap and I think in order to be transparent and say what we’re going to do, we need to do that,” Underwood said. “It will go to future refreshing of the one-to-one because eventually you have to replace those.”

In other business at Monday's board meeting, it was announced that SISD teacher and G/T Coordinator Emily Coffee was one of 20 in the state selected for the Emerging Leaders Program by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT).