As a member of the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors, Tarleton State University has joined the Texas higher education community in a unified giving initiative to provide emergency aid to college students impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Called the Harvey HELP Fund, the effort will provide emergency funds to help some 500,000 students and their families recover from and manage immediate life-and-logistics emergencies so they can resume their studies and complete their higher education pathways.

HELP stands for Higher Education Learning Pathways.

Research shows that many students leave school because of non-academic challenges related to work, family and personal finance. Hurricane Harvey is likely one of the most extreme examples of the range of issues that can knock students off their education pathway.

In addition to the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors, the relief effort is led by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Austin Community College, Texas Association of Community Colleges, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Civitas Learning, and Communities Foundations of Texas (CFT), the parent of Educate Texas.

Tax-deductible donations can be made at or directly through CFT by calling Carolyn Newham at 214-750-4146.

CFT is serving as the charitable partner as education has been a primary focus of its philanthropic investments and through Educate Texas, its statewide, public-private initiative.

To ensure that all Harvey HELP funds benefit students, a steering committee of nonprofit and institutional leaders will evaluate applications from colleges and universities. Approved institutions will receive Harvey HELP funds to support aid programs, respond to students’ specific needs and help with students’ school expenses—such as tuition and textbooks—as well as personal expenses like transportation, rent and groceries.