The downtown Stephenville plaza was booming with life this morning at the first ever Farmers Market event with local vendors out selling homemade jams, breads, desserts and coffee.

The market was organized by the Stephenville Downtown Merchants Association working with the Chamber of Commerce, city of Stephenville, Erath County AgriLife Extension Office and Tarleton State University.

Kaylee Pemberton, the president of the DMA, said they will hold two more Farmers Markets the first weekend in October and November.

“We will see how it goes and possibly have a Christmas. This will give us the stage to set our program for next year,” Pemberton said. “Our plans are to continue and to do this all summer next year.”

Pemberton said they are hoping the market will grow with new vendors each time.

“As we continue to grow and build, we will reach out to other producers and vendors and start bringing in more,” she said. “I have several other producers that I have spoken to that will be setting up in the future.”

Today’s Farmers Market vendors were Memory Lane Desserts, Ciclismo Coffee Roasters LLC, Two Clay Birds, Homemade with Heart, Brookwinkel and The Pantry.

The Erath County Master Gardens were also on site providing information on classes and planting.

The next Farmers Market will also feature a kids booth where area children can have a hands-on planting experience.

“Our goal is to fill the plaza with vendors, so we have lots of room to grow,” Pemberton said. “But we have to start somewhere and get it going and I think we’ll get there.”