You no longer have to make that trip to Granbury to get all those H-E-B needs filled. Stephenville’s new H-E-B is on its way to completion with a new sushi and seafood department already open.

“We’re very excited to bring a new element into the community of Stephenville,” said H-E-B Unit Director Casie McCauley. “We’re offering sushi and then we have our fresh seafood counter that’s going to have fish, crab and shrimp every day of the week, we have whole fish and on the weekend we’ll be able to do some whole fish filleting.”

The sushi is made every day by an outside vendor with employees on staff making it right there in front of your eyes. 

“They all moved here to town, so they live here,” McCauley said. 

Stephenville’s H-E-B will also offer new meats in the deli, which will include in-house roasted meats.

“That will be coming this Thursday, there’s three turkeys, two hams and two roast beefs. It comes to us raw and then we will cook it and season it,” said H-E-B Deli Manager Cathy Becker. “There’s going to be a cajun seasoning, herb turkey and some others. There’s no nitrates, no preservatives, no GMOs, it’s just plain lunch meat so it will be very fresh product. I’m pretty excited. People are really looking for something fresh so we’re happy to be able to provide that for them.” 

The store is also offering Meal Simple, which is a full meal with fish, chicken, sides and beef that’s oven-ready for just $5. 

The bakery department is not complete at this time, but will be quite impressive with a tortillaria, new fresh breads, a wider variety of cakes, which include wedding cakes. 

“We are in the wedding cake business, so that is something new we haven’t offered before,” McCauley said. “My bakery manager is certified to make wedding cakes.”

The new produce portion will include fresh-squeezed juice made every day along with in-house guacamole and an expanded section of fruits and vegetables.

“I think one of the key elements to our remodel is that we’re building a brand new store inside the walls that are existing and staying open while we’re doing it,” McCauley said. “I know it’s been a fun experience for partners and customers and I know that everyone is anxious to have it completed.”

Each grocery aisle will also be expanded by 16 feet and the brand new pharmacy is currently being built, which will include a drive-thru window.

“We’ll also be able to add a patient education room,” McCauley said. “We’re going to have this room where our pharmacist will be able to consult you on anything that you may have questions about in your own consultation room. We’ll do shots and things like that in there.”

H-E-B will continue to offer its Second Saturday Screenings.

Another new service that will be offered is curbside, where customers can order their groceries online and then come to H-E-B where the groceries will be loaded into their vehicles. Of course, those interested will need to allow time for those groceries to get prepared before heading over.

“For so long Stephenville customers have wanted change and now we’re going to have some cutting-edge change,” McCauley said. 

Plants, furniture and yard art will be expanded and available through the company Texas Backyard.

“I know our customers are looking for more organic items in the store and our produce department will be able to offer so much more organic fruits and vegetables with its expansion,” McCauley said. 

When you walk through you can tell that the H-E-B employees are excited about all the new things coming, so head over and check it out for yourself.